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Welcome to the Green Britain Group: Led by Dale Vince OBE, the companies in the group are fighting the climate crisis by offering consumers and businesses another way of doing things in the industries that create the most atmospheric carbon – energy, transport and food

Offering green electricity and gas to businesses and consumers, Ecotricity operates on a unique model – using customers’ bills to invest in new sources of green energy. These include wind and solar power, green gas made from grass as well as cutting-edge tidal and geothermal projects.

Recognised by FIFA as the world’s greenest football club, Forest Green Rovers exemplifies sustainability in sport. All club food is vegan, its pitch is organic, all energy used at the stadium is renewable and the club has successfully climbed up the English football pyramid to EFL League One.

Skydiamond has done something nobody’s ever done before – made diamonds from the sky. Using wind, sun, rain and CO2 from the atmosphere, Skydiamond delivers beautiful bling without the sting. No mining, no emissions, no exploitation – just the world’s most sustainable diamonds.

From its purpose-built facility in Gloucestershire, Devil’s Kitchen enables consumers to embrace a plant-based diet with healthy food that tastes great. The company’s devilishly delicious foods are free from palm oil and 14 allergens, 100% vegan and contain no air-freighted ingredients.

Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of Ecotricity, Forest Green Rovers, Skydiamond and more, GreenCode provides Green Accreditation to organisations that want a clear pathway to lowering their environmental impact and improving their sustainability credentials.

Britwind enables businesses to harness the wind and generate their own renewable energy. Designed and made in Britain, the wind turbines Britwind offers are in demand around the world. With Britwind, clean energy and lower bills are within grasp for SMEs both in Britain and abroad.

Powered by renewable energy and using the EE mobile network, Ecotalk offers competitive prices and uses revenue from customers’ bills to make space for nature. Ecotalk buys land and allows it to rewild, forming vital new habitats for plants, insects, birds and mammals.

Atmospheric carbon removal (CDR) is an absolute necessity to achieve net zero and to mitigate the effects of climate change. The Carbon Bank provides solutions for responsible organisations wanting to offset their residual carbon emissions using carbon removal. Our projects are based only in the UK and adhere to the most rigorous standards, and we generate high quality carbon units through nature-based and engineered solutions of the highest integrity. We’re helping businesses become truly carbon neutral, what we call Ecolibrium®.

The Ministry of Eco Education is working in collaboration with teachers and schools to pilot a new green curriculum that puts sustainability at the heart of education. Leveraging a wide variety of learning materials created by environmental organisations, it empowers pupils to make a difference.

Zerocarbonista is a podcast presented by Dale Vince that explores ways of tackling the climate crisis from changes every individual can make right up to government and global policy making. News, issues, ideas, opinions, listener questions, campaigns and more – each episode with Zerocarbonista.

ION is taking sustainable transport to the next level. The company has designed and developed the Ion Horse electric superbike and Nemesis, Britain’s first electric supercar. Future plans include the Ion Hovercraft and Ion Fly – planet-friendly means of transport by sea and by air.

Currently in planning, Eco Park will encompass the world’s greenest football stadium, extensive training facilities and an enterprise park hosting businesses active in the green economy. It will be the new home of Forest Green Rovers, bringing new investment and jobs to the Stroud area.

The Green Britain Foundation is a UK-registered charity supported by the Green Britain Group, which focuses on reducing the climate impact of the energy, transport and food industries, as well as making space for nature. It provides data, insight and information in pursuit of a greener Britain.

The planet-first creative agency building greener brands for a sustainable future. Green Knight Studios is on a crusade – evolving and building sustainable brands for clients who want to fight the climate crisis and ecological emergency with us.

Eco Labs is the research and development arm of the Green Britain Group, investing in new technologies, making discoveries and piloting innovative projects with a focus on sustainability in energy, transport and food.

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Eco Labs currently has two groundbreaking green business projects in development. More information will be available when they're ready to launch – watch this space.

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Companies we invest in

In addition to its wholely owned companies, Green Britain Group also invests in like-minded enterprises in the green economy and supports them with expertise to accellerate their growth and potential for success.

Ecojet is a world first and vital last step in the electrification of transport — enabling carbon-free living without compromise.

We’re not a bank, we’re the future. The green business account on a mission to make your money a force for good by prioritising people and the planet.

The leading travel demand management platform for destinations, venues, and live events. Our map-based travel assistant enhances visitor experience & increases revenues whilst reducing the disproportionate carbon footprint created by travel.

We're solving the problem of plastic by harnessing the magic of mushrooms. We harness the natural flexibility and strength of mycelium, the material structure of fungi, to grow protective packaging at any scale by combining it with agricultural waste such as hemp, cork and sawdust.

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“By focusing on three big areas of life that are driving the climate crisis – energy, transport and food – we’re leading a green industrial revolution.”
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